Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chemo #5/Taxol #1 - Complete!

On Wednesday I started my latest round of chemo. I'm now getting a new chemo drug, called Taxol, which is different than chemo drugs I got before Elise was born. I'll do three more rounds of Taxol over the next seven weeks.

Here I am at my appointment.  
Fight On!
Yes, I know I just I had a baby, but don't act so shocked that I'm back in chemo already. The whole reason we induced early was so I could get back to chemo faster and fight this cancer so Elise has a Mom for decades to come. I wish my fight ended with Elise being born but we're really just in the 4th inning or so in beating this cancer (see treatment plan).

In case you're wondering, this is what a Taxol infusion looks like:
Drip, drip, drip

Taxol is supposed to be pretty effective for TNBC, so my big prayer is that I have complete response to it and there is no cancer left when I have my surgery in August.

I'm still working on Elise's birth story, so stay tuned for that. 


  1. Continued prayers for you as you keep fighting!

  2. Fight on Girl!! Take care of yourself and still praying for you!

  3. You look amazing, which is not really what matters of course. Hope that sweet girl is doing well too.

  4. You are awesome! Good luck, I am thinking of you!!

  5. Can't wait to read the birth story, keep fighting! You look great and I pray you feel well through all of the chemo and the upcoming surgery.