How to Help

I'm done with treatment and living life. I always welcome your prayers as ongoing support and help for me. But if you want to help other young women fighting TNBC I highly encourage that you donate to one of these great organizations:
  • TaTa Sisterhood - This charity was founded my TNBC sister who's since gone to be with the Lord. It provide support and services to women fighting TNBC. 
  • Inheritance of Hope - This organization provides counseling, retreat, and scholarship programs to the families of terminally ill patients prepare for the eventual loss of that parent.
  • The Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research - Stephanie fought metastatic breast cancer while pregnant and became a personal hero of mine. This fund is named in her honor. They are currently funding critical research for TNBC at The Ohio State University. 
  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation - This organization provides 91% of all donations to breast cancer awareness and research, 88% of which benefits critical research.
All of these organizations are non-profit and your donations are tax deductible. Every dollar counts.

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