Monday, May 19, 2014

Yes, They're Fake, The Real Ones Tried to Kill Me

Last week on Thursday I had my breast reconstruction surgery!

It was a three hour surgery that consisted of removing my temporary expander implants and replacing them with permanent silicone implants. Then my plastic surgeon harvested some fat from my thighs to put around the implants to fill in gaps and make my breasts look my natural since I have zero breast tissue after the double mastectomy.

The surgery went really well and my recovery is coming slowly but surely. My chest is super sore and tight but already looks a lot better than before the reconstruction. My thighs where they harvested the fat are so bruised and sore but already feeling less sore. My plastic surgeon and his team are the best, and our family friend who's was my anesthesiologist again did a great job.

I've had the last few days off work and hope to return to work in a couple of days. I'm not allowed to lift anything over 10 lbs for four weeks, which means no picking up Elise, which has been emotionally tough already. Luckily I have great help lined up for Elise. I am so thankful for my family and friends.

I hate feeling pained and helpless again but hopefully this is my last surgery and the pain is not near as bad as the mastectomy and I survived that.

I think when all is said and done I need to get this shirt...



  1. That's awesome girl! At least you'll have smaller thighs. Right??!! Congrats! Big milestone for you!

  2. That's superb Kirsten, you are a true fighter. I guess the pain will stay for some time and you will have to tolerate that but ultimately what matters is that you have removed that beast from your body who tried to killed you. It is at moments like this that I feel that plastic surgery is actually a good thing. Because it has helped n number of people like you.
    Will you post the before and after plastic surgery photos after you have completely recovered. It will brighten the spirit of many.

  3. Glad that everything went well!

  4. I always crack up when I see that shirt! So glad everything went well:)

  5. A little slow at commenting on here, but YAY! So glad this is over and you're healing!

    Also, I cannot believe that baby girl of yours is going to be ONE this week!!

  6. Me too had my surgery on may 8th recovering very well waiting to get implants

  7. lovely :)

  8. Now that's what I'd call a statement shirt! Sadly, there are some people who wrongly assume that someone got breast implants just because they want them bigger. It's really nice to be able to educate them that while it may seem aesthetic to them, it may be a big boost of confidence for those who are in your situation. At this stage, breast implants aren't only restricted for personal reasons as well. Keep on fighting cancer, so you could share your story to more people! Cheers!

    Glenn Lowe @ Knight & Sanders Plastic Surgery