Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Updates and Blog Site Navigation

Today I had my first OB-GYN appointment post-cancer diagnosis. It's still just so surreal to both be pregnant and have cancer. I think my OB was really scared I was going to be suicidal, but she seemed pleasantly surprised at how "good" and "healthy" I look. That is one of the strangest things for me about this cancer is that I don't feel "sick" at all and I don't look sick either even after one round of chemo. I guess when my hair starts to fall out, I'll look a little sicker? 

Anyway, the best news from the OB appointment is that all was well with the baby. Her heart rate was good. Despite not gaining any weight at all in the last 3 weeks I measured "ahead" (by fundal height). All seems normal.

This Friday we have an ultrasound to make sure my marginal placenta previa has resolved and to measure the baby's growth. Please pray that baby girl measures on track and that my placenta is in the right place (if it's too low, I may be required to have a c-section). It's very important that I don't have a c-section because I need to go back on chemo soon after giving birth and having a c-section will delay that. 

Speaking of prayers, have you seen the prayer requests page on abumpandalump?

My Mom informed me that she didn't realize there were "pages" on the blog as well as posts (oh technology!). So in case anyone else missed that, if you look on top under the banner you can navigate to a few specific pages that I plan to keep updated. They are:
- The Diagnosis
- FAQs
- How to help
- Prayer Requests

On the prayer requests page, I also have "praises" for the prayers we've had answered so far. God answers prayers, and I plan to fill up that "praises" section with them!


  1. Isn't it weird how the cancer doesn't make you look or feel sick? If you hold it together in public (or in an OB's office), nobody would ever know. I found that even when I went out bald during chemo, people were hesitant to ask about anything because I otherwise seemed so normal/healthy. Anyhow, still thinking of you, and so happy that your little girl is measuring where she should be.

  2. Praise god for a healthy baby girl! Glad that everything looks good. Saying prayers for the placenta. And many prayers for mom and dad!

  3. It gladdens me to know that you're neither feeling nor looking sick. I know you got this one, Kirsten! :) On another hand, it's amusing how you can be so random talking about your blog site navigation. It's completely helpful though. The people concerned about you can be more informed of how things are going with you.