Saturday, April 27, 2013

AC Chemo #4 & Baby Updates

On Wednesday I finished AC chemo #4, which is my last chemo before the baby and should be my last AC chemo ever!

My Dad went with me and wore his "Race for the Cure" shirt to show support. Love it!

Chemo went really well. My blood cell counts were all good (praise!) and my oncologist thinks my tumor has shrunk even more based on feeling it alone. In fact, he said he can't even feel a tumor anymore (amazing!).

So now I get a break from chemo for a little more than six weeks! Then, I'll start Taxol (another chemo drug) 1-2 weeks after giving birth and get that four times over seven weeks. I'm excited for a break, but also anxious to get back on chemo since I know it's doing a good job fighting the cancer.

In baby news...

We had a growth ultrasound on Friday and the baby looked great! She measured right on track (65 percentile for size based on gestational age) and they estimated she's 5lbs 6oz already (so not growth restricted at all!). The perinatologist said she looked "perfect" which was music to our ears and a huge answer to prayers. Keep praying that baby girl grows and is born healthy in a few weeks!


  1. Grow baby grow!!

    So glad to hear that the tumor is "unfeelable" right now! I am so glad the chemo seems to be working. What a huge praise!!

  2. Yaay!! What a cute pic of the two of you! Love love your pink top.

  3. You look amazing! I am loving following along on your journey, and cheering from my corner for the good news.

  4. So glad to hear all of the good news!! God is good :)

  5. Oh it makes my heart so happy to hear that baby girl is growing strong! Praise the Lord for that tumor shrinkage!

  6. So glad to hear more good news - keep it coming!! You and baby and dad look so wonderful!!

  7. AC was the worst for me; the other treatments were a little easier to bear - but it's different for everyone and I wasn't diagnosed till after the baby was born.

    There are a lot of us, you know - breast cancer diagnosed while pregnant or shortly thereafter. YSC was a big help - an organization of young women with breast cancer - so many amazing, thriving kids and moms running around at our get togethers :)

    best wishes!!!