Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby Update and Belly/Boob Casting

We had our 38 week ultrasound this morning and everything looked good. She's around the 62nd percentile and weighs 7.5 lbs. Praise God for a growing and active baby!

I also met with my oncologist this week and she seemed surprised that I've made it this far in the pregnancy and expressed a bit of concern about me delaying chemo too much further (I can't go back on the next chemo drug until I'm not pregnant). So I'll be having some in-depth conversations with my OB next week about potentially inducing labor around 39 weeks. (note: I know inducing labor early is a hot button topic for some folks, but unless you've been pregnant with breast cancer or you have an MD in Obstetrics/Oncology, I really don't want to hear you're opinion on the topic. kthankyou!).

Switching gears a bit ...

This week I also got to do something really fun and special, which was to have to my boobs and belly cast by Keep A Breast.

In progress
Final product
It's really special because I'll never had this body again. I'll be losing my "bump" to gain a baby very shortly, and I'm not sure if I'll ever be pregnant again. And I'm almost certainly getting a double mastectomy (with reconstruction) this Summer, so I'll have different boobs after that.

I'm trying to think of what to have painted on the cast to make it a true piece of art (artist, I am not). There are some really cool ideas out there. Suggestions wanted!

Finally, thank you to everyone who bought something via the Pampered Chef Fundraiser. Ya'll are amazing! If you are still wanting to help us out in some way, you can check out the the "How to Help" tab on this site. 


  1. Praying she decides to come to the world sooner rather than later. H was born via C-Section at 37 weeks, due to my condition. So, I am all for your health and hers, no matter what your choice is : )

  2. So exciting - either way, you'll be meeting her soon! Do what's best for you, and know that you have plenty of folks cheering you on!

  3. Oh, what a beautiful casting!!

    My favorite "belly cast" I've ever seen is one that was pretty basic on the front side... and on the back side she had a heart painted inside where the belly was. That sounds weird, but it was BEAUTIFUL.

  4. I have belly casts from all three of my babes but they're hanging on the wall still white! So if you get any cool ideas please share! I do wish I had taken their picture in the belly cast as newborns but I never thought of it :)

  5. My friend made casts from her pregnancies and I always thought they were a little strange. But in your case I think it is such an awesome keepsake. How cool to have that to always remember what your body looked like during this phase in your life. I have no idea how you should decorate it but I'm sure someone will have something very creative to share w/ you. Good luck in your final week.

  6. Gorgeous cast. My A was born right at 39 weeks, so who knows? You and docs - and baby - have been very wise in your decisions so far, and have made a good team, I just can't wait to hear the good news, however it comes about. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!

  7. I keep checking back hoping she's made her debut ;)

  8. I keep checking back, too (I found you via KA's blog, I think), wondering if we'll see an update! (Also, I certainly hope that no one gave you a hard time about the medical decisions you need to make - regarding induction or anything else! No one but you and your team can know all of the details and the things you need to think through.)

    You (and your baby and family) continue to be in my prayers.

  9. My friend kept hers and let her son paint on it with finger paints when he turned was a true "work of art" to her and it hangs in her matter how "weird" other people think it's one of her fav piece and I AGREE!!! You are an amazing woman! Your daughter is VERY lucky to have such your fighters spirit in her! Bless you and your family!! LOVE your blog