Monday, May 6, 2013

Fighting Fancy

Recently one of my new "breast friends", Megan, told me about an amazing organization that helps young women fighting breast cancer called Fighting Fancy. They provide chemo "goodie bags" that help combat the side effects of chemo and help to lift spirits.

So I submitted my application and soon I heard back from the amazing founder, Heather, that my bag was on it's way! Heather also wrote the sweetest profile about me and my family's cancer journey on her website.

Last Monday I got my Fighting Fancy box and it totally made my day. 

I got an awesome tote bag that I've already been using a ton.
I carry a lot of stuff these days.

And I got a a plethora of wonderful and helpful products

I also got a sweet note from Heather and an adorable drawing from a 3rd grader.
YES! I want a Fighting Fancy baby onesie!!!

So cute.

And finally, I got the signature Fighting Fancy tank top!
It still (mainly) fits over the bump!

And since I've not posted a bald picture in a while I thought this would be an appropriate occasion.

 Here is the obligatory side shot at 35 weeks pregnant.
Bald and big but still fighting fancy!

Thank you Heather and Fighting Fancy! You seriously rock. Keep up the great work!


  1. You look absolutely incredible in your tank!! Look at that perfect baby bump!

  2. Love this! Such a great way to feel special and get a nice happy in the mail:) This is such a great ministry idea!

  3. You look fantastic! What a great organization!

  4. I found your blog (again) through Rachel and I'm so glad she shared it. I have missed seeing you pop up in my reader. I was excited to see that you are pregnant and sad to hear about you having cancer. I am praying for you. You look absolutely beautiful!

  5. Looking good! 35 weeks?! You're almost there!